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best impact modifier for plastic suitcase / Lugguage Bag

12 Aug 2021 - A-6648 impact modifier,shock resistance,tear resistance,Lugguage Bags,Suitcase impact-modifiers.com

best impact modifier for plastic suitcase / Lugguage Bag 

As we all know most Suitcase / Lugguage Bags are made of PC or ABS or ABS+PC

Since Suitcase / Lugguage bags have high demand on the weight load , tear resistance, shock resistance , 

And the luggages bags pull rod should bear the weight load , which requests high impact strength .

In china the impact modifiers request for the quality Suitcase / Lugguage bags application is super big .  Guangzhou, Shunde , Panyu , Shanghai , Jiaxing in Zhejiang , Baoding in Hebei these manufacturers are all seeking for such high quality while cost effective impact modifier . 

stonger luggage

We specially launched this model A-6648 impact modifier specially for Suitcase / Lugguage Bags , boards and pellets . 

According to customer and our lab test , our A-6648 impact modifier could help to improve the weight load , tear resistance and shock resistance by 40-70% for PC or ABS or ABS+PC  Suitcase / Lugguage bags / pull rod. While with super low prices for bulk orders . 

toughened bags

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