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40HQ full container A-868 PET clear impact modifier to Italy

06 Oct 2017 - A-868,A-868 PET clear impact modifier

A-868 is very popular among our products , It is mainly because PET clearancy and tougheness is a difficult problem to solve so far in the world , 

and inquiries & request for our PET transparent impact modifier is huge monthly . one of our customers from italian who has knew about jindaquan clear PET impact modifier granule to solve the clear PET sheet brittle problem since May in CHINAPLAS 2017 .  and took our samples back to test very quickly , since they hadvery urgent project on it . and test result was good by adding 4% A-868. while remain the PET transparency very well . soon they had trial order 100kg A-868 for trial test in July , which showed very steady positive performance in trial too . 

An on 17th August, first container was ship out on time as planned . 

Shipment ready in warehouse1

starting loading

start loading

half shipment of container

loading finishing

loading finished

leaving for shenzhen seaport

Our A-868 also passed Food grade certificate , which is widely used in food containers , sheets , films ect .